#OurParty for International Migrants’ Day 2015


In line with the Migrants’ Campaign Month (MCM) 2015, you are invited to another FACEBOOK PARTY this coming 18 December in celebration of International Migrants’ Day as well as the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the Convention on Migrant Workers and Members of their Families. To celebrate, migrant domestic workers and friends are gathering on OurHands Campaign’s Facebook page for a global all day party where you can meet new friends, play some Facebook games, listen to music, and have a great time!

Our goal is that after Dec 18 /19, those who took part in the program will also continue to interact with the #OurHands. This simply means posting messages or sharing photos or videos which will indicate success of the program which is how social media campaigns are being assessed. Of course, ultimately the goal is to raise awareness about domestic workers, how domestic workers and stakeholders concerned provide enabling environment to have these rights in practice, and of course to call for the ratification of the Convention on Migrant Workers.

RSVP to the event page and share with all your friends!

Link to the Facebook Party: