Visions from the Inside 6

“We are not a threat for this country, all I want is refuge in this country for my children and for me.” –
Excerpt from letter

Artist statement: “I wanted to create a simple composition that focuses on the strength, selflessness, hope, and love of a mother who is enduring tortuous conditions because of a lack of a piece of paper. I covered the mother’s eyes with a phrase from her letter “Me siento frustrada, desesperada, y preocupada (I feel frustrated, desperate, and worried)” exposing what lies within the struggling mother, that and a “Broken Heart” drawing illustrated by the very mother whose letter I received. Not only does it express how she feels physically and psychologically but I felt that my illustration for this project wouldn’t be legitimate until some sort of (indirect) expressive collaboration with Sonia (the mother) took place.” -Mata Ruda