The online platform of the Step It Up campaign centers on the following themes: promotion of the ratification of the UN Migrant Workers Convention, children of migrant workers, particularly ending immigration of children, migrant domestic workers, contributions of migrant workers in the countries of origin and destination, and situations of forced labor, human tracking and slavery-like practices that migrant workers experience. The campaign also links up with other ratification efforts, including the ILO Convention on Domestic Work No. 189 (C189), ILO Convention No. 97 (Migration for Employment Convention), ILO Convention No. 143 (Migrant Workers Convention) and the ILO Forced Labour Protocol. These themes and the ratification of international human rights and labor rights treaties directly impact the lives and the realization of the rights of all migrant workers and members of their families. The Step It Up campaign through the online platform strives to weave together these interrelated issues and underscores that migration is not an isolated matter but is tied to various dimensions of peoples’ struggles for equality, dignity, decent work and human rights.